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An area rich in history which exists in harmony with today's modern traditions. Sport, beach, gastronomy and fun, as well as culture, flamenco and traditional festivals are all part of Marbella and the Costa del Sol and together make this place unique and unforgettable.

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More great beaches along the Costa del Sol...

Torreblanca (Fuengirola)
A narrow beach of dark sand which extends 1200 metres forming a stretch of beach reaching Carvajal beach. "Blue Flag beach 2009", there is a sea front walk lined with tall buildings. This is a very popular area offering high quality.

Carvajal (Fuengirola)
Situated at the limit of the metropolitan area, this beach has dark fine sand continuing on from Fuengirola. The Carvajal beach, located away from the city and popular with young people, is a large extension of 700 m and 25 to 60m wide. 

Los Boliches-las Gaviotas (Fuengirola)

Calm and crystal clear water and 1200 metres of beach, 40 m wide. Fine golden sand characterises this urban beach, Blue Flag 2009 and very popular. You'll find many cafés/restaurants along the sea front.

In Fuengirola the calm beaches offer fine golden sand and clear water. This city beach, blue flag 2009, is 1 km long ad 30 metres wide. This is a popular beach and usually quite busy. You'll find many cafés/restaurants along the sea front.

El Castillo-Ejido (Fuengirola)
Located next to the Sohail castle where the river Fuengirola meets the sea. This 800 metre long beach and 10 metres wide, with fine sand, and shallow sea with a level sea bed. Being a completely open beach sunbathing on a windy day can be a bother. Received the Blue Flag in 2009 and offers many services. 

Santa Amalia (Fuengirola)

An urban beach with beautiful golden sand, 20 metres wide and 1400 metres long. In 2009 this beach was one of 22 along the Malaga coast to win the Blue Flag.

La Misericordia (Málaga)
Dark sandy beach on the outskirts of  Málaga between where the river Guadalhorce meets the sea. This is relatively quiet beach and an ideal place to play sport given its width of 30 metres and length of 1200 metres. Blue Flag 2009, with a sea front walk known as 'Antonio Banderas'. There are many services on and near this beach.

Cala del Cañuelo (Nerja - Malaga)
Small isolated beach which is ecologically unique. 400 metres long and 15 metres wide this beach is very quiet and a favourite with nature lovers. There are no services.

Maro (Nerja - Malaga)
Isolated and quiet wild beach with natural vegetation and natural scenery. Dark sand which extends 500 metres in length and 20 metres wide.

Las Alberquillas (Nerja - Malaga)
Dark sandy beach, isolated and surrounded by natural area. Extends 400 metres and 15 m wide. Nudist beach with few services.

Cala del Pino (Nerja - Malaga)
Virgen beach and difficult to get to, is protected by natural area. 350 metroes long and 10 metres wide, frequented by nature lovers.

El Playazo (Nerja - Malaga)
Long and wide beach (1700 metres long and 30 metres wide), very quiet given its isolated location away from Nerja. Offers some services.
Sabinillas (Manilva)
Fine sand and crystal clear waters characterise this 8 km long beach along the long and 50 metres wide, offers all the necessary services. In 2009 this beach was awarded a 'blue flag' award.

Cala Mijas (Mijas)
This beach of Mijas, one of the charming "white washed Andalusian villages", is located in the mountain and is characterised for its beauty. A beach of fine white sand, 800 metres long and 30 metres wide, with small separate houses situated along the beach. Along part of the beach you'll see fishers' boats giving a quaint feel. This beach has a "blue flag".

La Torrecilla (Nerja)
Dark sandy beach which owes its name to the Torrecilla tower, whose ruins are situated on the hill top next to the sea. Many people come here, a beach 300 metres long and 40 metres wide.  A well equipped beach which has a blue flag and since 2006 boasts the "Q of Quality for tourist beaches" certificate.

La Burriana (Nerja)
An urban and pictoresque beach, with dark sand, known as the 'family beach' and meeting place for people from Nerja. Has many services and a blue flag.  700 metres long and 35m wide.

Ferrara (Torrox)
Along the coast of Torrox there are some calm beaches perfect for families. The Ferrara beach, blue flag 2009, is the most visited in the area for both its proximity to the centre and the services offered so that you can enjoy a day in the sun. Dark sand, 1200 metres long and 30m wide, a popular choice.

Beaches 2 Beaches 2 Beaches 2