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Venice city guide

The best sights of Venice

Venice is a fascinating city and there are many things to see. Here is a list of some of Venice's most popular sights.

Doge´s Palace

The Doge's Palace, in Italian the Palazzo Ducale, was the domicile of the doge as well as of the authority of the Republic of Venice. The palace is built in the typical Venetian Gothic style and is an outstanding landmark in the city. In 1923 the palace opened as a museum. Nowadays it belongs to 11 museums which are organized by the Fondazione Musei Civici de Venezia. The palace is an extremely often visited main sight in the swimming city.

The Doge's Palace is located next to the Basilica di San Marco in the San Marco district. The next district is Castello. The building was renovated and rebuild several times. The oldest part is the front, which is directed to the lagoon. The palace is representative for Venetian art with swank and show-off. Figures, columns, golden carvings, stucco and historic paintings are supposed to show the welfare and the brilliancy of Venice.

The first beginnings of the Doge's palace were made in 814. In that time the palace was built of timber and wasn't pompous at all. After several fires and destructions, the palace was reconstructed in a completely new way by the doge Pietro Ziani. The outer as well as the inner appearance offers with lovely details an amazingly constructed art. A famous part of the palace is the prison, which is connected to the Doge's palace by the Bridge of Sighs. The prison was intended for persons guilty of high treason.

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