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Venice is a unique city in the world so magical that it never fails to enchant all its visitors. Its streets, alleys and canals are a must-see and a photographer's paradise. The city in its entirety is listed as a World Heritage Site. Located in north-eastern Italy, it has 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by pretty bridges. The romantic 'City of Canals' is divided into six areas or 'Sestieres', located on each side of the Canal Grande. The following areas describe the major areas in which our apartments are situated in the city.

Giudecca is an island and the most south district in Venice. Its northern part faces the Dorsoduro district, the southern part contemplates the silent lagoon. A lot of monasteries found their ideal location here.

This small island may surprise with tremendous churches, as Chiesa del Redentore (Santissimo Redentore - Holy Redeemer), Chiesa delle Zitelle (Santa Maria della Presentazione)  and Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia. Also Giudecca gets cultural attention, as there are trendy art galleries and the renovated Molino Stucky, the former mills of Venice.

Giudecca's name has uncertain origins, as one explanation refers to the settlement of a Jewish community and another is that  the name might come from "zudegà" (judged) that refers to a sentence issued in the 9th century by which land was allotted to rebellious families banned from Venice and then recalled from exile.

The nearest ferry boat stop is  Palanca (from Saint Mark's square).

Images by: John Robinson and Daniel Ely