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With nearly 3 million habitants within its walls, Rome, the 'Eternal City', is famous all over the world for many of its emblematic monuments and artistic accomplishments: the Roman Empire, the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita (sweet life), the Vatican City and the movie “Three Coins in the Fountain� to mention just a few. The following areas describe the major areas in which our apartments are situated in the city. The Campo de' Fiori & Trevi area is the most centrally located.

Essential: Alchemical Door
Famous for: Piazza Vittorio Market
In three words: multicultural, busy, incessant

Esquilino is the name of one of the seven hills in Rome, besides being this large and popular area, really convenient as a unique crossroad. If it’s true that all paths lead you to Rome, at least in this neighborhood all trains do. There is Termini’s train station, the main one in Rome and one of the most important ones in Europe.

HISTORY: The origins of the Esquiline recall the imperial period. The urban reform desired by Augustus was buried among the other ten meters under. These polluted and pestilential soils were, where later arose the gardens of Maecenas. Suetonius said that from there Nero watched the burning of Rome. During the Middle Ages the area passed into the possession of various monastic orders, and then returned to host residential villas. At villa Palombara, in the seventeenth century, was built the famous Alchemical Door: there is a magic formula engraved by Cabbalists used to manufacture the gold, even though up until now nobody has been able to decipher it.

AMBIENCE: Multicultural, vibrant, full of people coming and going. The areas near the stations always have something in common, a taste of the border, the border crossed. Here we are in the heart of Italy, literally, and you always have the feeling of having to move not to lose touch with what is going on around you!

PLACES: Piazza Vittorio, full of arcades, is one of the busiest squares of Rome, which hosts a colorful market, with people of every race and culture. At Villa Palombara do not miss the Alchemical Door (or Porta Magica), a place of great fascination for all interested in esotericism.
Finally, the inevitable beautiful churches: Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Croce in Gerusalemme.

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