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The cultural agenda in 'the city which never sleeps' is never empty. There are a vast number of bars and restaurants and there is always something to do, see and enjoy. The verb 'to get bored' does not exist in Madrid!

Dining in the main areas of Madrid

Tapas may not have originated in Madrid, but the capital definitely offers the widest selection of tapas bars in Spain...

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El Txoko
Housed in the Basque Cultural Centre (Taberna Vasca) this is an excellent little place to try typical Basque food, with a full a la carte menu on offer as well as a great selection of tapas.  Basque cuisine has a reputation for being the best in Spain and tapas are an integral part of the offering.  

Taberna Vasca, Jovellanos 3 | Tel: 915 323 443
Summary: Basque cuisine
Metro: Seville

Casa Lucio
One of the most exclusive tapas restaurants in Madrid, and reputed to be a favourite of the King of Spain. Getting a table can be a problem, and prices are high.

Calle Cava Baja 35 | Tel:  913 658 217
Summary: Eat like a King
Metro: La Latina

Las Bravas
The speciality of Las Bravas are the patatas bravas, roasted potatoes served with a spicy tomato-based sauce.  In fact, the bar boasts that it invented the dish, although it’s a claim that’s difficult to substantiate given that patatas bravas have been a staple of tapas menus across Spain for decades. Still, it’s worth popping in to see what all the fuss is about.

Pasaje Matheu 5 | Tel:  915 215 141
Summary: The original Patatas Bravas
Metro: Sol

Casa Labra
A Charming tavern which has remained virtually unchanged for over a hundred years. Casa Labra is of particular interest to history lovers as it was here that the Spanish Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Español) was founded in 1879. Tapas and non-tapas menus.

Calle Tetuán, 12| Tel:  915 310 081
Summary: Political History
Metro: Sol

Open since 1839, Lhardy is an institution in Madrid.  A combination of delicatessen and up-market tapas restaurant, with an emphasis on quality ingredients.  Both the exterior and interior seem to have gone untouched since the place was built, and the main dining room in particular oozes history and elegance.

Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8 | Tel: 915 222 207
Summary: Quality food in elegant surroundings
Metro: Sol / Sevilla

Casa Alberto
A taberna has stood on this site since 1614 and it is thought that Miguel de Cervantes, the most famous Spanish author of them all, wrote parts of his works here.  The current institution is a relative newcomer, having been founded in 1827, but as it has changed little since then the place now resembles a living museum with all sorts of interesting posters, paintings and other objects adorning the walls.  Casa Alberto offers quality tapas and a good range of wines, particularly those from Rioja.

Calle Huertas, 18  | Tel: 914 299 356
Summary: Quality food in elegant surroundings
Metro: Anton Martin

East 47
The name comes from the New York address where Andy Warhol had his studio, and you’ll see two of the pop artist’s famous Marilyn Monroe prints on the walls of this very fashionable bar.  The food tends to be more restaurant-style than tapas, but the appeal of the place is in rubbing shoulders with the “beautiful people” of the city.

Plaza de las Cortes, 10, | Tel: 914 290 747
Summary: Fashionable bar/restaurant
Metro: Sevilla

Matritum offers an wide selection of well-presented tapas in elegant and comfortable surroundings.  The place is well known for its good service and excellent wine list, although prices tend to be a little on the high side.

Calle Cava Alta, 16 | Tel: 913 658 237
Summary: Excellent tapas and service
Metro: La Latina

Another tapas bar in Calle Baja in the Latina area of central Madrid. Tempranillo has a great selection of Spanish wines; in fact, they refuse to serve wine from any other country.  Go early as this relatively small bar fills up rapidly.

Calle Cava Baja, 38 | Tel: 913 641 532
Summary: Spanish wines
Metro: La Latina

Mesón de la Guitarra
This is possibly the cosiest of all the bars near the Plaza Mayor. True to its name, most nights a guitarist plays live and the atmosphere is normally both lively and friendly.  The sangria is excellent here and the tapas are good, if un-exotic.

Cava de San Miguel, 13 | Tel: 913 641 532
Summary: Spanish wines
Metro: Opera

La Casa del abuelo
The Grandfather’s House, founded in 1906 is another classic taberna.  The specialities, proudly advertised on the front windows, are prawns and shrimps.  The bar also produces its own sweet wine which is served in chatos (small glasses the size of a shot glass). Andy Warhol is supposed to have been a regular visitor here during his trips to Madrid.

Calle de la Victoria, 14| Tel: 902 027 334
Summary: Prawns, shrimps..and Andy Warhol
Metro: Sol

La Trucha
La Trucha is a relative newcomer to the tapas scene, having been founded in 1964. The specialities of the house are tapas from Malaga and the south of Spain, which tends to mean delicious, deep-fried fish and seafood. The bar has a terrace, excellent for eating outside during Madrid’s baking summers.

C/ Manuel Fernandez y Gonzalez, 3 | Tel: +34 914 295 833
Summary: Delicious seafood
Metro: Sol / Sevilla

Almendro 13
Another traditional tapas bar in the Latina district, Almendro 13 has a strange system for ordering whereby drinks are served at one bar and food at another.  A bell is rung when your tapas are ready. Part of the charm if these sort of idiosyncrasies appeal to you.

Calle Almendro 13 | Tel: 9 13 65 42 52
Summary: Idiosyncratic
Metro: La Latina


Tapas from the north of Spain are the speciality here, including stuffed roasted peppers and good quality Spanish hams and cheeses.  Albur also enjoys a good reputation for its non-tapas lunch menu.

Manuela Malasaña, 15| Tel: 915 942 733
Summary: Tapas…or lunch
Metro: Bilbao / Tribunal

Don Jamon
Spaniards are extremely proud of their ham and most believe it to be the best in the world.  You can find out what all the fuss is about in this bar/restaurant which specialises in Jamon (the Spanish word for Ham).  For anyone unfamiliar with this Spanish custom, the sight of scores of pig legs hanging from the ceiling can be a bit disconcerting, but that’s all part of the appeal.

Gran Via, 60| Tel:  915 599 825
Summary: Ham it up
Metro: Plaza de España / Santo Domingo

El Quinto Vino
As the name suggests (if you understand Spanish that is) this is an excellent place for wine lovers, with an extensive wine list on offer.  With regards to food, the croquetas are said to be particularly good here.

Hernani, 48| Tel: 915 536 600
Summary: Wine and Croquetas
Metro: Bilbao

Taberna de Angel Sierra
Of all the old tabernas in Madrid, this may well be the establishment which most faithfully maintains the original fittings and decorations.  It is certainly one of the most photographed taverns in Madrid, appearing in magazines and even being used as a film set on occasions.  For most of its history the Taberna de Angel Sierra has had strong links with the socialist movement and regulars include (so we’re told) leading members of Spain’s socialist party and trade unions.  All the usual tapas are served and there’s an excellent selection of beers and wines.

Calle Gravina, 11| Tel: 915 310 126
Summary: History and socialism
Metro: Chueca


La Taberna del Sumiller
The tapas here tend to be quite elaborated and not your standard offering. However, the real draw of the bar is the wine list, with an extensive collection from the different areas of Spain, as well as wines from Chile, Italy and Australia, amongst others.

Víctor de la Serna, 37 | Tel: 913 598 595
Summary: Wine and unusual tapas
Metro: Colombia

El Tomillar
A good tapas bar if you’re stopping off on the way to, or from, a game of football at Real Madrid’s Bernabeú stadium, or if you have business in Madrid’s financial district.  El Tomillar offers an excellent selection of typical tapas, with the croquetas a particularly good option.

Profesor Waksman, 14| Tel: 914 582 910
Summary : Wine and unusual tapas
Metro: Santiago Bernabéu

A new chain of trendy tapas restaurants, far removed from the image of the traditional tabernas.  If eating in a stylish, modern environment is for you, then Lateral is a good choice.

Castellana  132  | Tel: 915 613 337
Summary: Trendy and modern
Metro: Santiago Bernabéu

Abacerá de San Lorenzo
A Friendly, unpretentious  taberna run by a family from Andalucia.  As well as typical dishes from that region, the Albacera de San Lorenzo also offers a fine range of cheeses, while the mondatitos can also be recommended.

Av. Alberto Alcocer, 32  | Tel: 913 441 157
Summary: Cheeses and Andalusian dishes
Metro: Colombia / Cuzco

This is a small tapas bar – with an even smaller kitchen – in the upmarket Salamanca district.  Despite the cramped conditions, the chef produces a delightful range of exotic tapas, often with Basque influences.  

Calle General Díaz Porlier, 91| Tel: 913 641 196 
Dining in the main areas of Madrid Dining in the main areas of Madrid Dining in the main areas of Madrid