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The best sights of Madrid

Madrid is a fascinating city and there are many things to see. Here is a list of some of Madrid's most popular sights.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, home to the Kings of Spain from Carlos III to Alfonso XIII is now open to the public!

The construction of the Royal Palace dates back to the 9th century, originally built during the Muslim kingdom of Toledo. Later, it was home of the kings of Castile. In 1734, the Royal Palace was completely destroyed by fire, but immediately the king Felipe V ordered a new palace lift in the same place.

Although the life of the Spanish royal family is no longer in the palace, remains the official residence of the monarchs. In this palace still official ceremonies taking place. The palace has 135,000 square meters of area and 2,800 rooms, is the largest palace in Europe by surface.

One of the essential activities during your visit to Madrid is to witness the Solemn Changing of the Royal Guards at the Royal Palace on the first Wednesday of each month at 12 noon, an epic moment that will transport you back in time. It takes place in the Armería Square at the Royal Palace.

The ceremony is an unimaginable and magical event, it is recommended that you arrive an hour early to take place in the stands enabled, some people take it very seriously and have taken early instead.

In case you will have no chance of being the first Wednesday of the month, there is a second option and change the Royal Guard from 11 hours to 14 hours. The palace guards (two on foot and two on horses) with gala uniforms performed a medley every 30 minutes. This activity takes place in front of the Prince door, in the Bailen street.

The palace is open to the public, including collection of paintings by Caravaggio, Goya and Velasquez.

If you wish to visit the palace, the best way to get there is by metro station opera is about a 5 minute walk from the entrance to the palace.

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