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Madrid city guide

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On first impression it seems that it would be possible to move within Madrid, it being so big... Here you'll find all the necessary information in order to get from A to B without getting lost in the city so that you can enjoy your stay to the maximum!

How to move around Madrid

Several companies run dedicated tourist sight-seeing routes, usually with open-top, double-decker buses. One of the more established companies is 'Madrid Vision'.

For more information: Madrid Vision

In recent years a vast amount of money has been invested in Madrid’s metro system, with the construction of new lines and the extension of existing ones. The result is a metro system which is fast, modern and reliable, and for visitors it represents the best option for moving around the city. Virtually all the major sights in the city are within easy reach of a metro station.

For more information: Public transportation

Unless you’re planning a trip outside the city you probably won’t need to use the local train services (Cercanías). The one exception to this is the journey between the two main train stations, Atocha and Chamartín, as the direct train line is considerably quicker than taking the metro.

For more information: Renfe Cercanías


Madrid has a good bus network, although getting to know the various routes – and, more importantly, knowing where to get off - means that you’re probably better off sticking to the metro for most journeys. As Madrid roads can get pretty congested you’ll also find bus travel considerably slower than the metro.

Taxis in Madrid are good value in comparison with other important European cities. In most areas they are easy to find, even late at night or early in the morning, although booking a taxi in advance is often a good idea if, for example, it’s essential to get to the airport at a particular time.

Madrid is too big to comfortably see on foot, although the city centre is quite compact, and many of the main sights are within walking distance of each other, particularly the three main art galleries, which are also close to Retiro Park.

How to move around Madrid How to move around Madrid How to move around Madrid