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Florence city guide

The best sights of Florence

Florence is a fascinating city and there are many things to see. Here is a list of some of Florence's most popular sights.

Santo Spirito Square

Oltrarno is definitely one of the most special areas of the city, loved by Florentines and tourists for its magical atmosphere. One of the undisputed references is the lovely Piazza Santo Spirito, the heart of neighborhood life both day and night.

The 12º century square is dominated by the Basilica, the last masterpiece of Brunelleschi, who experienced here his last works before his death. The facade of incredible simplicity is at once so characteristic that has always been part of the portraits of the square as its key element.

Santo Spirito is cozy. The Florentines say here seems not to be in Florence, yet it is one of the most typical squares. A special character at all, really! It will be for the low lights that remind some pictures of Paris, for the thousands of open-air bar, which change with the trends and seasons, for the stairs full of people and guitars. It will be for its biological markets, the colors, the authenticity and the multiculturalism that are mixed.

You certainly will not get bored, and at any time it is worth spending a bit of time to visit the basilica, to have lunch with a sandwich from the famous paninaro at the corner (Gustapanino), take a drink in one of the bars of the square (Volume, Cabiria, Pop ...) or dinner among the thousands of restaurants in the area ... In any case, it will leave you satisfied!

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Santo Spirito Square Santo Spirito Square Santo Spirito Square