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Barcelona city guide

The best sights of Barcelona

Barcelona is a fascinating city and there are many things to see. Here is a list of some of Barcelona's most popular sights.


The Hill of Montjuic is located above the commercial port of Barcelona on the southwest side of the city offering you some incredible views over Barcelona and some of the best museums and sights.

The mountain overlooks the city center and Barcelonas harbor and completely covered with forest until 1929. But then it got cleared after selecting it as the site for an International Fair, several buildings were erected, such as the Palau National (National Palace), the Font Màgica (Magic Fountain), the Poble Espanyol (Spanish village) and the Estadi Olímpic (Olympic Stadium), which are still to be found on Montjuic. During the Summer Olympics in 1992 the Montjuic area was one of the important venues.

Nowadays the Montjuic is a green space in the city with a lot of activity – in day and night time. You find there important museums such as the Foundation of Joan Miró (link later to Miro content) and the Museum of National Art of Catalunya, an old castle, several galleries, restaurants, bars and even night clubs.

In the whole Montjuic area you can find several museums. The most famous one there is probably the Fundació Joan Miró, hosting most of the work of the famous surrealism artist and exhibits paintings, sculptures, ceramics and much more. In the Palau National, which was used as the main building for the International Fair in 1929 is now the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya to be found, holding an incredible collection of Catalan art – reaching from antiquity to the modern era. The Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya and the Museu Etnològic are located on the Montjuic as well.

Poble Espanyol
The little Spanish village is an Open Air Museum and still there from 1929 and a collection of buildings of special architectural styles and landmark buildings from all over Spain. The Poble Espanyol seems like a real little village with its small streets, nice squares, white little houses and orange trees. It also hosts a lot of craft shops – from decorative painting, glass fusing to jewelry, leather sculptures and embroidery to basket-weaving and musical instrument-making as well as espadrille-making, a lot of restaurants and bars and the club “La Terrrazza”. Here is also the “Tablao de Carmen” located, the best place in Barcelona for watching Flamenco. 

Montjuic Castle
This old fortress was built on top of the Montjuic in the seventeenth century for defense reasons – you can still see the old cannons there pointing to the sea. In the past, the castle was also used until 1960 as a military prison. Now it is a beautiful old castle with gardens with flower arrangements and one of the best views over the city.You can get up there walking, by car, bus or the cable car, the best choice if you look for stunning views over the Barcelona. In summer there is also an Open Air Cinema next to the old stone walls of the castle  - an unbeatable location.

Estadi Olímpic 
The stadium was built in 1929 and hosted a large range of important sports events, such as the first international rugby game in Spain, the opening and closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in 1992 and apart from that its was home for the RCD Espanyol football club . It has still its old façade, just the interior got renovated. In the museum (Museu Olímpic I de l’Esport) close to the stadium, you can find additional information about the stadium, the events and the famous athletes who had been there.

Font Màgica
The first time the Magic Fountain, designed by Carles Buigas, was running , was in 1929 during the International Exhibition. When the designer showed his plans for the fountain one year before the start of the exhibition, no one believed that it could be finished in time – but over 3000 workers made this project possible – in less than one year.The Font Màgica is a breath taking show of colors lights, motions and music – sometimes classical, sometimes Rock and sometimes even Walt Disney themed music. A great experience for children.

Montjuic Montjuic Montjuic