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How to move around in Barcelona

Getting around the city is easy. Visitors can choose either the efficient public transport system or special tourist transport.

While there are a number of options which serve the main tourist attractions, by far the best and well known is tourist bus.
You will find a list of other tourist transport here: more information.

If you fancy a fun and informative cycling tour around Barcelona, we recommend 'Fat Tire Bike Tours'. Contact them for more information.

Public transport is basically a choice between buses and the metro, although for certain destinations there are also trams or the ferrocarriles de la Generalitat (basically a cross between the metro and a mainline train).
For more information about this subject "bus and metro" where you will find maps, timetables and everything you need to move easily around the city. Also see different travel cards for more economic travel.

The taxi service in Barcelona is not excessively expensive. The taxis are black and yellow. An average journey within the city usually costs between 5 euros and 10 euros if the distances are not too long.
Some taxi companies:


Taxi Barcelona: (English-speaker.)
ServiTaxi +34 933 300 300
Radio Taxi Barcelona +34 933 033 033
Taxi Van Bcn +34 687 839 844


Calling a taxi company could be a difficult experience because few have a fluent English-speaker.

You usually do not need to call a taxi as you can hail one in the street.

How to move around in Barcelona How to move around in Barcelona How to move around in Barcelona