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One hour away from Amsterdam

Cheese market in Alkmaar

Alkmaar is just over half an hour from Amsterdam Central Station by intercity train. For more information, see the Netherland Railways domestic journey planner, which gives slower "Stoptrein" connections as well as Intercity trains. By car, Alkmaar is 37.6 km or 23.5 miles from Amsterdam.

The Alkmaar Cheese Market remains a popular tourist spectacle, even if the real wheeling and dealing takes place among the big cheeses at the corporate level. And there's plenty to do in Alkmaar after you've watched the cheese porters do their Friday-morning ballet at the Waag, or weighhouse. (For descriptions of museums, the great 18th Century organ in the Laurenskerk, and other Aalkmar attractions, see the Web links on the next page.)
The Alkmaar Cheese Market takes place in Alkmaar's main square every Friday at 10 a.m., from early April to early September. The tour groups arrive early, so try to be there between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.--especially if you're intent on photographing or videotaping the action.


Volendam, the most recognised fishing village in the Netherlands, just second behind Amsterdam is a real tourist tempter spectacle.

It is famous not only for its traditional costumes (seen in shop-windows of the gift shops), tasty smoked eel, but also for its picturesque fisherman’s cottages and folklore, as well.
Behind the dike the Doolhof with its tiny, plan-free narrow alleys can be explored. With its sightseeings it tempts tourists, dating back to almost 1875.
Lace, Royal Delftware and wooden clogs are the most popular souvenirs sold in some of the many gift shops.

Zandvoort aan zee

Sun, sea and beach in Zandvoort.
Zandvoort aan Zee is located 30 kilometers from Amsterdam Central Station and is it worth to visit it one day. By train it takes you half an hour and you can enjoy a day at the beach or the lovely terraces in Zandvoort aan Zee. A delicious fish dinner or walking down the narrow alleys is also possible.

Circuit Park Zandvoort
is for enthusiasts of racing and cars also a must. If there is a race in the weekend you can get a weekend pass to watch all the races. Or maybe you want to step in a Lamborgini of Porshce yourself.

Ride a bike!

Holland is a real bicycle country, so it would be nice if you do a bicycle tour in the beautiful green surroundings of Amsterdam. On the South of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel lays the ideal polder to do a bicycle tour, called the Ronde Hoep. It is a seventheen kilometers long tour along meandering dikes with centuries-old farmhouses. On one side of the dike you will find clear little rivers and on the other side thousand hectares of grassland with cows and typical Dutch mills.

One hour away from Amsterdam One hour away from Amsterdam One hour away from Amsterdam