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The cultural agenda in 'the city which never sleeps' is never empty. There are a vast number of bars and restaurants and there is always something to do, see and enjoy. The verb 'to get bored' does not exist in Madrid!

Malasaña district. Madrid

Malasaña is a vibrant neighborhood full of lively bars and clubs overflowing with young people. Its streets are currently being renovated, making it a much more attractive quarter

Malasaña, this district lies north of Gran Vía and is still known as a quiet area with many 19th-century streets. These have recently been refurbished and since then more and more young people.  Malasaña is an area of Madrid famous for its creative, countercultural scene. Centred around Plaza de Dos de Mayo, it is reminiscent of Camden Town in London.   This plaza hosts a large festival on the same day -"San Isidro Festival"-   where during all night  evening concerts, fairs and festivals are organized.

Malasaña is to the west of Chueca and to the east of Argüelles.It is surrounded by several metro stations and is a central neighbourhood of Madrid. It was the center of the "movida madrileña" movement in late 1970s and 1980s Madrid.

Some important streets of the area are: In the streets between Fuencarral and San Bernardo are nice cafes, bars and restaurants. Also in Gran Vía, and Corredera Baja de San Pablo are good and cheap restaurants. San Vicente Ferrer street , Divino Pastor and La Palma streets  are famous for their jewellery stores and craft shops. Sant Andrés street, nice to discover the 19th-century tiles and advertising banners. Calle San Bernardo is known as "Conde Duque street"  named for the  famous building "Cuartel  Conde Duque"

The attitude of the nightlife, as opposed to the neighbours of Chueca or nearby La Latina is relaxed, unpretentious and friendly. One of the most famous night life venues in the area is La Vía Láctea (The Milky Way). Other classic clubs are Penta, Nasti, Nueva Visión, La Vaca Austera, and El Barco. Templo de Susu is a high-end retro clothing shop. Very bohemian cafes include La Paca, La Ida and Lolina. An American book shop and bar sits near the Noviciado metro station.

It is unclear if Malasaña will maintain its alternative and hip atmosphere or if it will become more commercial and upmarket.




Malasaña district. Madrid Malasaña district. Madrid