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The following areas describe the major areas in which our apartments are situated. While the Gothic quarter and the Born area are right next to each other and the most centrally located ones, Eixample is the largest district in Barcelona.
If you are seeking an apartment close to the beach, you will find it in our section Beach, which contains apartments in Port Olimpic, Barceloneta and Diagonal Mar.

Metro Diagonal / Fontana / Joanic / Lesseps
Essential: Parc Güell, Breakfast at the Plaza de la Virreina
Famous for: Gracia’s Annual Festival
In three words: untemporary, intimate, magical

Gracia is in a unique dimension, where time multiplies and space intertwines in the small semi-pedestrian streets and in the squares where the life in the neighborhood finds its most authentic expression.

HISTORY: Up until 1987 it was an independent village, connected to Barcelona through a road that is now the most elegant street of the city, Passeig de Gracia. Despite the protests of its inhabitants, it was incorporated into the city that was expanding with the development plan of Eixample.

ATMOSPHERE: The difference between the two areas that seem to merge is quite easy to see. Literally in a few steps we leave the geometric network and spacious Eixample towards a completely different context. Gracia spaces are more inviting, as it is the smallest district of the city. Everything here seems to have retained the dimensions of a village. The contrasts are strong for the more observant ones. Gracia is probably the trendiest area of the city, filled with enthusiastic people, who animate the neighborhood with activities, initiatives and parties. At the same time, there are many old people who have been living there long before the urbanisation. The trendy shops, vintage boutiques and bookstores coexist with popular markets and bars with prices that are a bargain, as long as the owner calls you by name and knows you.

PLACES: It is quite enchanting to spend a vacation in Gracia Barcelona. Walking around the neighborhood there is always something going on: a concert on the square, a celebrating bonfire, a hundred people dancing swing on a Sunday morning, a craft market...
The main meeting spots are the squares and everyone has their personal favorite. Plaza de la Virreina Square as seen on postcards, with its XVII century church, the Sunday morning market and terraces perfect for a breakfast. Plaza del Sol, sunny and warm, even in the winter evenings, alternative and noisy after dark. Plaza de la Vila de Gracia (better known as Rius i Taulet) with a clock in the center, is a true gem at any time of day. Also Plaza del Diamante, Plaza de la Rivolució, Plaza de Rovira i Trias, always full of children playing and people enjoying beers and tapas.
There are plenty of fresh food markets like Mercat de la Llibertat, Mercat de Lesseps, Mercat Central Albaceria. Finally, the architectural crown jewel of Gracia, the Parc Guell, Gaudi's fantastic world where artificial forms appear to be more natural than nature. Overlooking a magnificent panorama of Barcelona, a journey of curves and colours through the Parc Guell gives the feeling of being in the ´Alice in Wonderland´ book.

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